Fitton: Trump Shouldn’t Be On Trial, Adam Schiff Should


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Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton discusses the FISA Court’s decision to select Obama’s Department of Justice lawyer to oversee the FBI’s abuse reforms and says the impeachment trial against President Trump is corrupt.

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  1. ปั้มไลค์ says

    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  2. Pollty says

    All democrats should be impeached for being traitors

    1. Tom says

      I, agree.

    2. J. says

      I came across the following post the other day and liked it:

      Liberals are hilarious. They stand for nothing and fall for everything.

  3. Sherry Chase says

    Managers? Adam and jerry need to be subpoenaed on the whistle blower so how can they be managers? Yes! Corruption is Deep.

  4. Rodger Shull says

    schiff on trial is the most HONEST thing I have heard off. Make it happen Tom Fitton.

  5. Jesse says

    Schiff should be impeached and jailed for his TREASON just long enough to build the gallows from which to hang him the Constitutional punishment for TREASON. This applies to all Democraps. They are trying to ILLEGALLY remove a DULY ELECTED SITTING PRESIDENT.

  6. MadMax says

    I’m losing confidence in our ability to expose the true cheaters and lawbreakers in this country even though Judicial Watch has been doing its best. The deep state seems to be too well protected in the swamp of deceit. John Kerry lying in an interview on live TV about the money sent (billions) to Iran under the cover of darkness and stealth epitomized the problem. Kerry has a long history of deceit and self-promotion and doesn’t mind lying and covering up. He’s used to it.

  7. ron sheppard says


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