Matt Gaetz STUNS ALL With Sudden SWITCH – Look How He BETRAYED Trump On Pelosi’s War Power Vote!!


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100% Fed Up reports, Yesterday, a bill was passed to limit President Trump’s military actions against Iran. In a 224 to 194 vote, the House passed a war powers resolution to limit President Trump’s military actions against Iran.

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  1. 1949 says

    You don’t have to look far to fine a trader I wonder how many more will turn there back on our president, boy matt you are one big HIPPOCRATE.

    1. Gary Von Neida says

      SWAMP CREATURES appear as the swamp drains.

  2. ปั้มไลค์ says

    Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

  3. Sandi and George Sherman says

    So disappointed in Matt, wouldn’t vote for him if he was here in Tx. Shame on him. We really have liked him till this stupid stunt. No more will watch him or listen to what he has to say. Far as were concerned he a traitor like the dems.

    1. Stephen G Pettine says

      Voting out RINOs is a powerful tool to keep the president Trump secure from those Republicans who change their support midstream.

      1. JaCal70 says

        If I ever see or hear him again then I’ll just hit the MUTE button as I do not need to hear another word from a RINO. Vote the RINO’s out!!! Romney too!! Romney is a breed of sheep in England. Gaetz probablt means goat to protect the sheep.

    2. Ruth McNiel says

      Ruth McNiel, Vote Matt Gaetz out. Get rid of the turn coats. I remember Pearl Harbor & its tragedy. No more appeasement. Defend against terrorists before they hit us, no matter where they are. It sounds like they are in our Congress.

  4. Rick says

    Wow Matt! Where that come from???

  5. Michael Harris says

    No more support for. that coward!

    1. lr says

      They don’t realize , or maybe they do, that doing this emboldened Iran. They know more than we do about the media and dems hating and giving President Trump zero support. Now what happens? The way these people hate our President, and now he has to consult them before defending America, we know they will let hundreds of our soldiers die while they bicker around or instantly, as they should, make the decision to approve any need he may have to defend America….very very terrifying.

  6. Helen says

    Well, I can delete Matt’s name from my list of who I was going to contribute to. Will contribute it to President Trump.
    How can he look at his self in a mirror and like what he sees. Such a traitor!

  7. Sandra says

    In the Bible, Judas sold Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver. Now you betrayed the President. You are a traitor

  8. Jerry says

    Matt Gaetz you have made a very sad decision sidding in with the deplorable democrats
    I personally hope your future is nothing but hell from now on
    Why don’t you just join the mfing squad you punk bastard

  9. Jerry says

    Matt =Schiff Nadler Maxine Schumer plus cnn and msmbc butt boy

  10. Truman says

    Hay Mat, Hows it feel to be a trader? Hope you enjoy your life in the swamp. You made a very bad choice for yourself and your country.

  11. Allen Bennett says

    Matt Gaetz you have made a very STUPID decision sidding in with the deplorable democrats!
    I personally hope your future IN OFFICE IS SHORT LIVED. How soon you forget it was President Trumps support and conservative votes the got you elected. Stay true to our BELIEFES or be GONE. We don’t need another RINO!!

    1. Ted says

      Matt, WE THE PEOPLE!, are standing bye for an “EXPLANATION”, for this major SCREW UP ?, President Trump doesn’t need ADVICE !, he needs you to BACK HIM REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR OPINION IS !, BUT LET HIM KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS?, don’t be a STUPID, all the TIME.

  12. Kimgirl63 says

    Proves how submissive republicans are!!! Gaetz should get a treat for his master now!! Trump shouldn’t trust any of you, republicans are cowards and Democrats are lying sacks of crap!!! Now sit Gaetz!!
    Democrats insisted on impeachment, then go on vacation and impeachment was so urgent that they wouldn’t send it to senate, so now you give someone that for 3 years has investigated, inquiries, articles and you tie Trumps hands!!! Let me know when testosterone’s find the nut!!!

  13. Andre Stephenson says

    That’s how sick you people are! You actually believe Gaetz’s vote is a BETRAYAL of somebody. How sick!

    1. EMERY RICE says

      So, Andre, just what would you, who are so F—-ing Perfect, call it ? I see your stupid and biased opinions on, almost every blog out there. Got nothing better to do, than belittle people? Your the sick one here . You are nothing better than a troll !

  14. JoeyP says

    NO excuse for THIS! . . . Where are the ADULTS in the ROOM? Thank GOD for McConnell and Graham. We would ALL be IRANIAN targets without POTUS Trump (and his responsible cabinet & Pentagon officials). They did the RIGHT thing, and didn’t get their “Feathers Ruffled” in the process. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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