Liberal Heads Explode After GOP Reveals Most Likely 2024 Candidate


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Shawn Langlois from Market Watch reports, Rick Wilson won’t be surprised by this chart. The Republican strategist and fierce Trump critic — he wrote “Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever” — told the L.A. Times last month that the Trump name could remain in the White House well beyond even a second term for Donald Trump.

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  1. Beryle Matsumura says

    Joe Biden is a lecherous old man and he doesn’t even recognize it!

  2. Bemused Berseker says

    I hope not. Not that I have anything against Don Jr. or Ivanka, but because I have an issue with Political Dynasties. It has too much of a resemblence to Dynastic Royalty in other countries, for my comfort, and is not in line with the Founders thinking in my opinion. Historically, it hasn’t been a success as well.

    1. Mason says

      John and Samuel Adams would disagree. They made a great beer.

    2. david says

      Matt Gaetz 2024.

    3. Jeannette says

      I totally agree. The Republicans can do better than a Trump heir. Trey Gowdy, Crowder from Texas, and some others. Please let’s not have another Trump, though I will vote for Donald in 2020, would not vote for one of the kids in 2024.

    4. Jack Scarpon says

      You did not have a problem with the bush dynasty,, right?

  3. Sherry Chase says

    Trey Gowdy and Don jr. Vp

  4. Danny Lanning says

    PENCE 2024 and that is the only sensible choice for America

  5. Nancy says

    Kevin McCarthy

  6. Dewey Bowser says

    Putin seems to be doing a good job according to Democrats

  7. Jesse says

    If Pence does not want to run then I say great choice. Simple because DC needs a Business man’s guidance to fix the Stimulus GARBAGE MESS created by Obozo and his Flunkies Democraps.

  8. Andre Stephenson says

    No liberal heads exploded!! Such polls only reflect popularity now. We have many years to go. No Trump will ever be elected president after Donald loses in 2020. His base is shrinking. To win the election is so much different than winning the nomination. Republicans are dying.

    1. Gary says

      Keep believing your fairy tale

    2. Gary Burner says

      You’re an idiot

  9. Conni says

    Andre….what world do you live in! Have you seen the crowds at Trumps rallys and don’t forget the silent voters that voted for Trump. Silent? They need to stay silent about who they support due to the violence the dems show when they find out.
    Get a grip…Trump will be the next President.

  10. Pete says

    I believe that, if she wants it, Nikki Haley will be the first female president.

  11. John J says

    No way, Nikki Haley is my choice, Trump Jr. is NOT the guy the Trump’s need to retire and get back to their business affairs

  12. Tom Burpee says

    Anyone will suit me as long as it is not a Socialist Democrat who is anti American and wants to destroy this great country. Just give me someone who believes in the founding principles of America.

  13. JoeyP says

    Good News! . . . I like watching liberals’ heads EPLODE like a RUN over watermelon – entertaining, to say the LEAST. They’re NOT too bright. Don’t forget to GROOM others in the TRUMP doctrine to whomever is the Next successor. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  14. Ed says

    I have to agree with most comments here. President Trump has been the right choice for the times we are in, there is no guarantee (of coarse there never is) that any of the Trump kids would be the right choice when the time comes. I would hope the party would be able to find a good follow up candidate by then but remember the party did not want Donald to be president so their judgement is questionable at best.

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