Obama Era Crooks SWEATING BULLETS After Fmr Federal Prosecutor Drops BOMBSHELL On Live TV


The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, DiGenova and Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the report that the FBI referred 14 employees to OPR for leaking classified information.

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  1. Martin says

    I’m hopeful we will see prosecutions and prison for the guilty.

    1. Linda says

      When in the hell arr these criminals goi g to be taken to prison????!whats the problem??? If this was ya Americans we would be arrested! Time to take these criminals nuthatch have defied our president! Take them down!

      1. Franklin Steele says

        Totally agree.

      2. Chris P says

        IMO: Barr is just another worthless AG figurehead.

        1. Joel Kruskie says

          I do not agree with your statement. Give him the time and respect of this job.

        2. Mag says

          You expect AG Barr to “clean out the DOJ swamp” in a few short months when it has been CORRUPT for 10 years PLUS?????

          1. louis dupras says

            You have no idea what your talking about. Are you completely overtaken by your ideology.

        3. Treadwill Holden says

          Think for a moment. Barr has to find all the files and information that the deep state has conspired to hid.
          But I wish he would hurry. But you have to make acomplete case inorder yo givebyhem th he max and no dismissal of the case. Let’s pray

        4. russell D. remmert says

          children should be silent and learn

        5. david says

          Chris says Zero and get lost.
          Get smart and vote tom re-elect President Trump.

      3. Jennifer O'Gavaghan says

        My understanding is that a room full of evidence has already been gathered. It took two years to find NOTHING on our President.
        The wheels of justice this time will grind equally as slowly for good reason . . . to give the charged every opportunity to get a fair hearing, and to give the prosecutors every opportunity to leave no stone unturned in order to make whatever charges there are leave no doubt whatsoever to LOCK HER UP FOR GOOD !

        1. GG says

          The full investigation report is coming soon, in September. I can’t wait to see all the Obama Criminals walking into a beautiful place, “JAIL” in their beautiful “ORANGE SUITS”. I hope they DON’T FORGET TO throw the KEYS AWAY.


          1. Karen Wendtland says

            I couldn’t agree with your comment more. SPOT ON FOR SURE !

      4. Richard says

        Your absulutely right ive been grinding my teeth since day one of The Hillary payoffs murder for hire schemes and now Epstien i say follow the money watch the cop who buys a small mansion a boat and a brand new car on a cops salary yeah uhuh

      5. Dale Long says


      6. Freedom one says

        Linda precisely my words for years JAIL! My suggestion to you would be carry
        smelling-Salts as I do with a note pinned on me saying in my pocket, I’ve just
        Witnessed a miracle, a top ranking Government Official finally is going to jail
        for the crimes he or she committed 🤔 what lessons will have been taught if theses criminals do not pay the price none and with no fear of going to jail it will only get worse! AG time to restore our true system of law in America!🧐

  2. Nunyer Binnis says

    Round them up and HANG THEM.

    1. Andy says

      Yes by their sex organs nice and slow

      1. Dale Long says

        Love the idea.

  3. jezzy says

    You are dreaming if you expect any real justice.. definately no prison time.. They’ll have to throw Obama under the bus and that is never going to happen. Just imagine the Race War that will bring. These people know they will get away with it

    1. Butch says

      The Blacks are about 13% of the total population. Roughly that is 45 million people. Lets just say half of that number will go crazy protesting. That comes to around 22 million protesting. 65 million well-armed people voted for Trump, plus there’s probably another 20 million well armed men would would gladly go to war with the blacks.

      So, NO. If obama gets thrown under the bus and the chimps go nuts, it will be all over for the blacks within two weeks. The ones left will be old and beyond breeding age.

      1. Joel Kruskie says

        Obviously Butch, you have never served your country!

        1. Treadwill Holden says

          Joel, I totally agree. Butch is way off base. We need to get the left to quit their bigotry. By us being bigots only fuels the NFL as message.

      2. NONYA says

        ,& TRUE

    2. Jim says

      And it just so happens half of them are “privileged white americans” as well. Or do you ferret Hutlery, Comey, and others of the privileged persuasion?
      We’ll see justice done one way or another!

    3. Will says

      I HOPE you’re WRONG!

  4. Charlie says

    It is time to see a host of people being charged and going to prison.

    1. noel kaspre says

      I thought treason was death by hanging?!?!>

      1. noel kaspre says

        Why do you need my name?

  5. Bob says

    So let’s see what happens by September. Sounds like propaganda and Lou Dobbs Fake News to me. He’s a pro at it, so this Hate-Speech without real evidence, just hear-say, is not very credible. But Sept is far off. So we will see won’t we. I find this interesting. The speakers talked about how terrible a job Jeff Sessions did, and how terrible FBI Director Wray is now. But let’s put the blame where it belongs. President Trump, when he was Candidate Trump promised us he would surround himself with the best people. So smart, so good. The best. He appointed Wray recently, he appointed Sessions. He appointed the Mooch (who has now finally turned on him). So either Trump lied to us when he said he’d appoint “the best” or his ability to choose the best isn’t very good, and Trump is a poor, incompetent Manager.

    1. Jim Tierney says

      Or there are very well camouflaged supporters of the party of death and the alphabet people

    2. Beverly says


    3. Tes says

      I’m having problems pistinslso, what’s up with that

  6. Michael Russell says

    Your new updates are great. Thanks

  7. Jim Sollami says

    Hannity is the worst , he guaranteed Comey would go to jail . Barr didn’t even admonish Comey when Bruce Ohr’s 302’s came out last week. No one will get jail time , the funny thing is McCabe and Strozk are suing the government. What a joke this is on the conservatives and the President

  8. Liam O'Reilly says

    The Wash DC Swamp needs to be cleaned up. The $32 Million Mueller probe was nothing more that Wash DC Lawyers justifying sucking at the teats of the Fed Budget. The $850 Billion TARP expenditure under the Bush Administration was another effort to give more time to the ultimate financial collapse.
    The Great Depression was a learning experience for US Taxpayers. Get ready for the Great Depression Version Two.

  9. mbr722 says

    Oh for goodness sake Barr, get a move on and do your job. Denounce Comey, Clapper, Mueller, McCabe, et al and sling them in jail for the rest of their miserable, lying lives.

  10. RONALD F Crader says


  11. Jim says

    Can we all say” Its about time we see the guilty parties get their just deserts”!

  12. Sid says

    I volunteer to apply a 9 by 19 mm to the nape of the neck to everyone of these traitorous bastards. Throw them in a 20 foot deep trench and be done with them.

  13. Merlin Wood says

    justice is long over do

  14. John J says

    You don’t drop a BOMBSHELL, they are inert, you drop the BOMB

  15. BOB SCHAACK says

    Most of us want to see justice done. We have a right to see ALL. Barr’s honest and will thoroughly investigate Epstein’s “sudden suicide”…he’ll also get to the bottom of the `16 election scandal and if Obama was involved but I doubt we ever will because of an old saying…”POWER PROTECTS POWER”

  16. Kurt Walker says

    Has anyone else had trouble getting their comments posted??? I’ve tried three times and each time it is dropped.

  17. Kurt Walker says

    Well now I know why my comments are dropped. FRC evidently doesn’t want the Clintons mentiond around the Epstein death.

  18. Robert L. Kahlcke says

    This is an unrelated message to FREDO (governor cuomo). Hey Fredo, you and your entire Mafia Family are a gaggle of losers, all bark and no bite. It’s time you put on your Big Girl Panties without your Security Team.

  19. Valerie says

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